Executive Coaching

/Developing Careers

Many directors, heads of departments and senior managers report facing similar challenges at work. They may be the head of a large team that incorporates a number of divergent roles, they may feel isolated and want support or need an objective view from someone outside the organisation. I provide executive coaching to help senior staff and directors tackle any difficulties that they are having, develop their careers and grow in confidence, motivation and self-awareness.

Executive coaching is structured to make sure that we achieve results but flexible enough to fit in with a client's requirements and I've found that it's possible to make big changes in a relatively short space of time.

I support managers by helping them tackle business issues, understand their own management style and its impact on their team, as well as coaching them in a particular area, such as leadership and communications skills. By helping senior staff and teams develop their skills and become more effective leaders and managers the whole organisation benefits.

"Melanie is very astute and has exceptional interpersonal skills. She connects well with individuals and has a great ability to make them think for themselves. She has the insight to ask probing questions and get at the heart of the problem, at the same time maintaining the right balance of encouraging, listening, and understanding." – HM, Facilities Manager

"This coaching programme was not only invaluable to me, but benefitted the whole organisation, as it lead to improved relationships and decision making." – GC, Chief Executive at Treetops Hospice